Content Strategy

Boston Christmas Festival

At Creosphere we believe there is nothing we cannot do or improve. We love complicated tasks and know how to deal with it.

When we’ve started working on a media content for Boston Christmas Festival, we already had our vision how everything might be done and should work. The plan we’ve had in our mind was to create at least 55 media products and start publishing it over the next two months.

Yes, 55 is not a small number, but Adobe Spark was a really big help for us in this case. Having some good quality pictures, knowing enough of the information and putting little of our effort, we’ve created 25 videos, 46 seconds each long, more than 15 pictures with the different Pro Tips, Contests and Questions for the users to interact with us through the social media pages.

Here is a good life hack from us:

  1. Always create a template.

  2. Decide what style you want your videos to be done.

  3. Set a video length and try to stick to it: either make each slide of the same duration or balance the total time between all the slides to get the necessary duration at the end.

Keep an eye on Creosphere blog to get to know more good ideas for your projects and contact us to help with the implementations of those ideas into life to bring success to your company.

Our Content Strategy

Our Content Strategy

What’s a content strategy?

It's the creation and conveyance methods regarding the steady stream of easily absorbable content one would want their viewers to recognize and resonate with. Any well thought out business should have a written content strategy handy, guiding all means of content to support the business's particular goal or vision, and also to influence the viewers impact or impression of the business itself.

With that being said, part of our content strategy is revealing our content strategy to our viewers. We believe in transparency; it allows our customers to get a good feel for us and to better understand our business philosophy and how we operate.