Proposal/RFP (Per Proposal)


Proposal/RFP (Per Proposal)

from 1,500.00

Proposals turn ideas into reality. We’ve help construct hundreds of successful proposals for non-profit, business to business, and grant related efforts. We’ll work with you on an unlimited basis, for up to one month, to:

  • Solicit goals, assets and resources from your stakeholders

  • Research successful proposals in your industry

  • Draft copy

  • Implement agreed upon feedback

  • Digital PDF proposal (email for print or web version options)

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What you get

You’ll receive 1 weekly meeting with your stakeholders, where we'll build a comprehensive plan that looks at your internal challenges and opportunities for improvement. Usually this is a series of checklists and software that help you keep better control over your operations without having to micromanage everything, but we're not opposed to whiteboards and job jackets if that's what gets the job done.