Port Everglades Terminal 25

Visual Voyage B Scan.gif

An interactive, nearly 300' wall of brass-looking, metallic-panels that map out the entire planet around the equator, starting and ending at the international dateline.

Interactivity will allow users to visit special web page, and click "east" or "west" to shift the time zones accordingly. If the user crosses an international dateline, a light show appears!

Our contribution


  • Consulted and managed the lighting-hardware, animation-software and interactive-components of the project

  • Specced out and configured the computer

  • Programmed the animations and interactive sequences

  • Built out a web application that allows the public to affect the lights through only 2 buttons (east and west) that will be located on the client website.

Interactive Link

Can be found here if you’re in Florida and want to play with the lights.

Client | Artist | Project-Lead

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