State of the Studio - Part I

Since the flood that happened to our home earlier this year, my studio is in total disarray. I tried hiring an ex-con to help me organize it, but that didn't work out. I'm hoping if I open it up to other folks for making cool stuff, they might be willing to help me make it an inspiring place to be in!

Goals for the space:

We have a lot of resources available to make this place cool. Good internet, lighting, audio, office chairs, video equipment and projectors. I'm thinking we can setup area's for a:

Live Streaming Studio for

  • Teaching Software Remotley
  • Performing
  • Podcasts

If we can get a green screen and some photo rolls we could do even more! (The space is long, and lends itself to that.)

Comfortable Workspace

Visiting friends who want to co-work, or various contractors/projects. We have high ceilings, plenty of outlets, relatively dry space, as well as a fridge/microwave/Keurig for the a break area.

Administration and Storage

A place to work, meet clients, store files, and it would be great to build up some storage to put away stuff we use once or twice a year.

What's it look like now?

Its a total mess. Things that should be accessible are in bins, and things that should be in bins are out all willy-nilly. The dog (generally here when I am) doesn't have a comfortable space right now either, (so he sits in an office chair covered with a zebra blanket.)

Rough Plan so far?

I'm confident there will be many changes made during the move, but here's the rough idea in aim to make the space as useful as possible.

Mostly to scale-ish :)

A: Fridge up front for Quick Grocery Drop-off and pickup

B: All our rolling shelves with useful items we may want accessible. This should help open up usable floorspace in the back.

C: Additional Storage/Kitchen/Pantry?

D: James Desk, with "quick-jamming" functionality

F: Modular Folding table, for meetings. Can combine them up for more seating.

G: More modular tables, for working, meeting, eating, etc.

H: DJ Table with sound system all hooked up

I: Lighting Truss, all rigged up, and controlled from E/Area - Hopefully a green/white screen too!

J: Storage bins and other unsightly stuff, tucked behind 

Next Steps

We're scheduling a Saturday Afternoon to dig in. If you're available, and want to lend a hand, just drop me a line on any channel.