State of the Studio III

After a blurry 2018, we’re kicking off our not-for-profit, side project, CEMI (the Creosphere Experiential Media Initiative) at our location in Pawtucket, RI.

CEMI is an experimental group focused on inspiring and enabling anyone to make incredible experiences for themselves and their communities.

We have a small studio, about 500 square feet, more long than wide.


The Front Door

Stuff happens here.

Its kind of a mess.


However, this past weekend some close friends and family helped us make the space a lot more useful.

  1. Cables are hung on slat wall.

  2. Storage items are being moved to the front, while the back, larger area is going to focus on a modular work-space.

We have several shelves on wheels that serve different purposes. Everything is plugged into a surge protector and can be easily setup and used anywhere in the space. We will have mobile shelves for:

  • Kitchen

  • Tools and Hardware

  • Jam Shelf

  • Streaming, Video and Lighting

  • Giveaway/Sell

Progress Pics

Goals and Next Steps

  1. Setup the August Lock for Member Bluetooth Access

  2. Finish building the work shelves

  3. Finish sorting the epic cable bin

  4. Wrap up storage

  5. Install cameras and lighting for security, streaming and video

  6. Rig the space for easy connection to the sound system

  7. Rig the video shelf for easy connecting to projectors.

  8. Sell, Donate, Recycle, trash all items we can’t use