The More You Know: SEO

SEO—or Search Engine Optimization—is a marketing strategy that you’ve most likely heard of, considering its long-standing popularity among website owners. SEO has been around almost as long as the web itself, remaining relevant until today. But if you’re not sure what it is, imagine this: You type “custom pillowcases” into your browser. A list of results shows up, but (if you’re like most people) only the top few are considered. Search Engine Optimization strives to get your website in those top results. But, say you typed “design a pillowcase.” A well-optimized website would appear in the results of both “custom pillowcases” and “design a pillowcase.” Websites without any SEO may not appear at all.

How can SEO be utilized on my site? 
To gain an understanding of SEO, you’ll have to learn the in’s and out’s of search engine algorithms. Those tips can turn the algorithm to your advantage, rather than your problem. And thus, you’ll have avoided the bottom of the page, or—worse yet— the desolate pages beyond. However, search engines are complicated. Their convoluted algorithms are in constant change. Learning Search Engine Optimization is a time-consuming process that—while we’re rooting for those who try—is not for everyone.  

Luckily, Creosphere offers SEO services to businesses like yours.

Does SEO really work? 
SEO can’t carry a website on its own. Reason being: After a person enters your site, their focus goes to the content. Even with great optimization, a bad website is a bad website. But if your site can keep the flighty attention of those who click it, Search Engine Optimization will bring a definite boost in traffic! 

But here’s the real value:
This traffic, in particular, has been known to generate more sales. Unlike other forms of advertising, the customers are actively seeking your product, instead of the other way around. A person entering your site through search engines has come with the intention of browsing your products.

2017 findings suggest:

  • Organic listings are far favored, with 80% of internet users ignoring paid/sponsored search results.
  • After performing a local search, 72% of people visit a listed business. 
  •  Before purchasing an expensive product, 81% of people do online research.
  •  Only 25% of people scroll past the first page of results.

At this point, somewhere between 70% and 90% of people are using the internet to decide where they’ll spend their time, what services they’ll use, and what products they’ll invest in. Browsers serve to narrow down the field, show comparison between competitors, and show feedback from previous customers. Bad online presence—which can include search engine visibility—leads to less trust, legitimacy, and importance perceived by potential customers. 

All of this together—visibility, traffic, perception, etc—has made SEO a long-lasting, effective strategy that is well worth investing in.

Creosphere offers Search Engine Optimization to all the busy-bees wishing for increased traffic, customers, and sales, so you don’t have to get tangled in SEO yourself. Our services include a monthly report and tools to determine your return-on-investment. 

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