Our Content Strategy

What’s a content strategy?

It's the creation and conveyance methods regarding the steady stream of easily absorbable content one would want their viewers to recognize and resonate with. Any well thought out business should have a written content strategy handy, guiding all means of content to support the business's particular goal or vision, and also to influence the viewers impact or impression of the business itself.

With that being said, part of our content strategy is revealing our content strategy to our viewers. We believe in transparency; it allows our customers to get a good feel for us and to better understand our business philosophy and how we operate.

Now, we need to step back and ask ourselves some questions:

What’s the Business Model?

What is the model for the organization? What problems does it solve? How does it survive and thrive? In relation to the project, what new problem(s) are you trying to solve. What are the metrics and how are they monitored and tracked?

Creosphere’s business model is based on keeping a tight network of independent contractors at the ready, with a quick onboarding and off-loading process. This allows us to be very agile when it comes to all manner of projects. There isn’t any way to really compete with well oiled team, but those are very few and far between. I won’t hire someone full time until I see a way for me to pay for their retirement, which is a promise that’s been broken to me on more than one occasion. I refuse to do it to someone else. Also, If we had a team of say, PHP developers on a regular payroll, we would aim to solve all problems through PHP, and that’s not flexible enough. This is a big part of our value proposition. If folks are interestested I can talk more about this in another blog post.

What’s the mission, vision, and brand?

Why does this business exists? How do you let perceive the business. This goes beyond your logo and tagline. Your mission, goals, vision, principles, and “the voice” of your organization are paramount here.  This step is often only lightly taken into consideration. But by giving it more attention to begin with, we can save immense amounts of time and confusion in the long run.

Creosphere will be putting together a branding “handbook” to help introduce new contractors to our cultural and technical guidelines in the marketplace. I’ll share the progress of this in a future blog article.

What kind of work have we done before?

Update Client Portfolio:

We really need to show off some of the amazing work we’ve collaborated on; with managing installations with experiential design companies like Materials and Methods, Zebbler Studios and Artisan’s Asylum; websites for artists such as Karen Christians and Gretchen Greene and even military contractors like Atlas Devices and Templeman Automation. Creosphere helps create an environment that's easy to grow in. This is the why the terrarium is our spirit animal. We’ll post at least 1 new portfolio piece per week, but I’m hoping to knock most of my favorite items off before the end of September honestly.

Social Media Marketing

Everything leading up to this should allow us to effectively monitor our plan, and guide it to fruition..  If certain metrics are failing, we can course correct as necessary. We’re going to plan out a calendar to begin no later than October and start developing our networks on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin as well as an email list using Mailchimp. Eventually we’ll be building up a Youtube channel as well. The objective is to get more clients by increasing our reach and sharing the lessons we’ve learned with anyone who wants to listen.

Proof of Concept

We’re going to sponsor a few different companies to outline how our holistic (not the woo version) approach can return a very clear ROI, and we’re going to let you peek behind the curtain to see how its done.

That’s our high-level plan.  We’ll keep you posted with updates on our progress.

What about you?

What’s your content strategy? What’s worked and what hasn’t for you?