Successful project management for your services is all about assessing your needs and choosing the right tools for the job.

We work to understand all aspects of your project, build custom solutions to move it forward, and implement a plan to complete it on time - on or under budget.

Your project - completed your way

What we can provide you:

  •  A unique project profile that will guide the project management team and help all stakeholders focus on the goals and purpose of the project.
  •  A customized plan tailored to the specific needs of your business. This includes protocols, systems, tools, and templates to keep everyone in the loop and ensure that the supplies, information, and people you need are there when you need them.
  • Management and support as the project plans rolls out. This includes continuous monitoring of goals and objectives to ensure timely completion of benchmarks, communication across the organization and to external stakeholders, and a comprehensive risk management strategy. 

Managed Services Catalog

Below is a description of the services we can assist you with in a simple format. We can manage numerous tasks for a fraction of what a single employee might cost. Each service is month to month unless otherwise noted. Discounts available for long term contracts!

Unlimited Graphic Support

$599 per month, per company

We'll help with all of your graphic needs related to email, mailings, social media, signage, notices to customers, and more!

Unlimited Web Support

$599 per month, per site

Any web request you have for updating your website, we can handle. This offering doesn't include custom software development, but you'd be surprised what we can accomplish without coding.

SEO/Pay Per Click Campaigns [PPC]

$399 per campaign, per month

This is where short term returns are the easiest to track and manage. Get right in front of your customers when they are searching for you. You'll get a monthly report helping you assess your ROI.

Social Media Management

$499 per channel, per month

Social media management includes the development of each virtual community through regular posting, quick responses to inquiry, the ability to connect with influencers, and regular content development and distribution.

Social Media Strategy/Coaching

$249 per campaign strategy, per month

If you're not ready to hire us to manage your social media channels, then we can develop a strategy for your organization to utilize. Up to 5 channels of goals, checklists, and content ideas to keep your team on track.

Blog Article Writing

$399 per article, per month

We can write a well researched, captivating article each month, up to 1000 words. These will be keyword rich, and appealing to your target demographic


$199 per e-newsletter, per month

A regular newsletter is the strongest ally you have against the rapidly changing social media landscape. This is where folks you have already won over have a chance to connect directly to you, and you to them, through a regular summary update of all that's going on in your business and beyond.

Public Relations

$499 per campaign

We will work with you to develop a strong campaign to build your brand, increase recognition, and get the stories your business wants people to hear in folks hands, on TV, and more.

Business Development

$399 per company, per month

Support the brand at the heart of the business, where the rubber meets the road. We'll help develop and implement processes and tools that increase productivity and morale while reducing costs and improving your sales through community development.

Event Management

$999 per event

We'll take care of coordinating promotions through your active channels, a press release, organizing staff/catering, managing the budget, ticketing, and ensuring your attendees had an amazing time.

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Why Creosphere:

Project management is a specialized discipline. It's planning, running, monitoring, and controlling a project from start to finish. It's the processes, methods, knowledge, skills, and experience you need to meet the objectives of a time-limited undertaking. Creosphere specializes in partnering with companies to meet their project targets and goals. We get you from point A to point B, as smoothly and painlessly as possible. Our experts hail from many different backgrounds, including sales and marketing, software and IT, and design. We make it our business to study and incorporate the art and science of professional project management into everything we do.