Zebbler Studios

Creosphere supported Zebbler studios on a few endeavors such as Shpongletron 1 and Shpongletron 3, and projection mapping on "First Night" on the Boston Public Library.

Shpongletron 3

Client: Shpongle Zebbler Studios design team: Zebbler - concept, creative director, animation, project manager Ktron - initial concept illustration Joseph Wight - 3d template modeling, CAD design, fabrication assistance Jacob Fenwick - machine whisperer, CAD design, CNC operation, materials manager, LED embed, custom software and hardware install, fabrication assistance Blake Courtney - metal whisperer, fabrication Doug Ruuska - CAD / CNC adviser Charlotte McFarland - CAD assistance Devon Bryant - project consultant, fabrication assistance James Arthur - assistant project manager, materials advancement Matty Welch - logistics adviser Sean Bowes - Cinema 4d (3d) template, 3d animation Ofer Zmora - 3d animation Horacio Herrero - 3d animation Barak Ziv - 3d animation Andrew Hlynsky - 3d animation Brody Ism - 3d animation Tim Mearini - 3d animation Jeff Mission - performance software/hardware adviser Daniel Buckley - infinity mirror / LED show fabrication assistance Julia Jerome - production assistant Sam Orkestrom-Lang - production assistant Andrew Bunyan - production assistant James Stafford - production assistant Drendan Orion - production assistant Nora Jean McCarthy - office manager Video documentation and editing - Zebbler Zebbler interview by Travis Vautour Additional video by Jacob Fenwick, Blake Courtney Audio used in the documentation piece - How the Jellyfish Jumped Up the Mountain by Shpongle For full list of tour dates, visit http://www.shpongle.com

Shpongletron 1

Here is a performance video of Shpongle and Zebbler's Shpongletron Experience. This show was incredible and hope that you go see it when it comes to a city near you. Performed live at The Westcott Theatre 4/29/11 Shot by Joe Zohar Nick Schwiep Luke Gustafson Edited by Joe Zohar www.movingboxstudios.com

Boston Public Library

Boston Public Library 2014 NYE video mapping project was commissioned by First Night and the City of Boston. Video mapping project execution by Zebbler Studios team: • Creative direction and project management by Zebbler • Concept and storyboard by Zebbler, Devon Bryant and Ktron with assistance of the ZS animation team and the city of Boston • Animation by Devon Bryant, Tato Herrero, Ofer Zmora, Ian Chris Keller, Philip Gedarovich, Brody Froelich, Tim Mearini and Zebbler • Music, effects and audio composition by Ben Cantil (Encanti) with additional music by Vanessa Garde, Maeve Gilchrist, and Ricardo Curto. • Mapping engineer: Devon Bryant • Production assistants: Andy Buns, Andy Sylvester, Drendan Orion • 3d template modeling: Ian Chris Keller • CAD design: Jacob Fenwick and Doug Ruuska • CNC Library sculptural modeling by Jacob Fenwick • CNC management assitance: James Arthur • Zebbler Studios media liaison: Joe Grafton • Additional assistance by Bill Griffith, Joe Stcroix, Mat Welch Projector rental and installation: Zasco Productions, LLC Initial concept: Priscilla Initial concept advancement: Romanelli Media and Mihai Dinulescu First Night liaison: Carrie Gesteland First Night production manager: Peter Garland First Night media liaison: Ami Bennitt

Project Highlights