Mothers Day Mishap: Our experience with an online flower delivery company.

As a courtesy, we're not going to mention any names here, despite being gypped. This company, like other online flower delivery services, boasts effortless ordering and seamless deliveries of flower bouquets, baskets, arrangements to that special someone you'd like to commemorate for whatever reason.

It's a brilliant concept, bridging the gap between those who live out of state from their loved ones who still wish to gift something special or sentimental.  It's a shame though, that the company that prides itself on these special moments, was the very reason a lovely mother was left flowerless on Mothers Day.

Like most ordeals, the ordering process and the taking of the money, went smoothly. The actual follow through on the business end and services promised however? Not so much. The flowers were never delivered despite receiving a "hand delivery" confirmation email, and you can just forget about customer service.

Lengthy wait time to speak to rep? Understandable. Being hung up on twice after refund request, as if they straight up were avoiding having to do that? Sketchy. 45 minute phone call trying to deflect their last ditch efforts to not give a full refund? Tacky. The once apologetic rep turned pushy and condescending, as she negotiated to have the flowers be delivered at a later date with a 20% refund. Thank you kindly, but no. Things got even more bizarre after winning that battle, the rep became defensive, even blaming us for the no show of flowers.

Online, you'll find thousands of reviews by customers who have shared the same experience. Non deliverance of flowers. False advertising. Skimpy arrangements. No refunds. There are virtually no positive reviews, and not one confirmation that the company has delivered a single flower. You'll probably be able to tell which company we're talking about based on the reviews alone.

This company has completely disregarded its customers, and the customer service reps have dampened the human experience of gift giving and well wishing. This facet may be able to be overlooked through aggressive advertising initially, but I predict without a serious change, this company will not last in the market.