REMOTe Meeting room

By Appointment Only

Have you used Zoom.US for virtual meetings with us before? If it's within 10 minutes of our meeting (we could be meeting with someone else in here beforehand), just go ahead and:


+1 646 558 8656
Meeting ID: 808-939-1501

How To "Online meeting" 101

If this is your first time using a service like this, they are generally designed to be as easy to use as possible. That said, there are some tips and tricks to help make sure the meeting is as useful as it is comfortable.

Screen Sharing

The best part of this is the ability for us to share our screen with you. Primarily, this is all we'll be doing, unless we're helping you with Tech Support or Training. To launch the app, (on PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android) (subject to change.) This is the same link as the "Launch Meeting" button above.

Audio Options?

If you have a headset:

Click on "Join Audio with Computer" after clicking on the meeting link. Having a headset is important to avoid the echos. If you must join without a headset, and use computer audio, be sure to mute your mic.

If you don't have a headset:

You can call in from your phone: 

+1 646 558 8656
Meeting ID: 808 939 150

Got an iPhone?

You can use One Tap

US: +16465588656,,8089391501# 

Calling from Outside the US?

But why not just a call?

We use Zoom.US because it allows us to communicate better. We're easily able to share our screen, invite you to share yours, we can annotate and even remotely control some functions on your end during meetings (with your permission.) We can also use video, which is nice, (although, don't usually choose to do so.) Finally, if you're unable or uninterested in any of that, you can still join the conference line, on your regular telephone, using the telephone:

+1 646 558 8656
Meeting ID: 808 939 150

Annotation? Screen Sharing?

One of the most amazing things when collaborating remotley, in my mind anyway, is annotation. The ability to point, mark up, and comment in a virtual shared space. So, if you're ready for it, the How To is here:


Muting your Mic

Eating, coughing, and other seemingly benign activities can be broadcast in HD over to everyone's headsets. Muting your mic when you're not speaking is a courteous way to help keep the call clear. Especially do this if you're calling in on an open mic (like a laptop of webcam mic.)

Why is everyone talking over each other?

I've yet to experience a VOIP (Voice over IP, or, internet calls basically) that doesn't have some latency (delay.) Even a 0.25 of a second can really mess up the rhythm of 2 people talking, let alone 10 folks or more. So, if you're this far in the FAQ, thank you! 
The best way to help here is just take a deep breath after you finish your response or statement. Don't feel like the silence on the other end are the rest of us waiting for more clarification. The most difficult thing I've found is not keeping people talking, but getting folks listening.

Thank You

Thank you for reading all of this. You're now a "remote meeting" pro! Feel free to let us know if we should add other tips or tricks to this page.