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  • Struggling between participating in a meeting and documenting important information?

  • Looking to be able to get information without having to go to your desk or searching on your phone?

Operator is for you.

Get a custom link, phone number, and email address to summon your virtual assistant to help you solve problems.

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How does it work?

With Operator, you can throw your phone in the middle of the table during a meeting, and we’ll record the meeting, and document the salient points (to taste.)

Struggling to get the most out of your meetings?

We can even run meetings for you! Pull us up on the monitor, and we can help you display your media, to ensuring everyone is heard and the agenda is followed. We’ll even, optionally, record the meeting and send it to you and/or your participants.


There are few options

1 Hour

Purchase a 1-hour meeting block and we can be available, generally, for the next day.


Hit us up through any channel, and we’ll respond within 4 business hours for meetings, assistants, and research needs and more.

Instant (Business Hours)

Direct line to an agent between 9am-5pm

Instant (24/7)

Direct line to an agent between 24/7